Software Development & Management Consulting

BJB 010

Hands-on design and development of web sites and web-based applications, enterprise back ends and applications. High security, high volume, high availability, SAAS, SPA, B2C or B2B.

Consultation on product strategy, feature definition, staffing, product roadmaps, internal and external presentations, and improving inter-disciplinary team efficiency and results. Having worked in a wide range of engineering and management roles in companies of every size, I bring an unusually broad perspective to each next assignment. Limited consultation hours currently available.

Bennett Barouch has over 30 years of industry experience, from software engineer to VP of Engineering at several startup companies, and spanning the domains of design automation for integrated circuits deployed in satellites, financial portfolio software, high transaction volume and big data systems, information management, secure on-site and mobile networking, and IT operations software. His customers run from individual retail consumers to the largest companies in the world.

Groundbreaking work under Bennett’s leadership produced a virtual assistant that could understand 20 million English phrases and respond with a wide array of information and complete computer-telephony integration. This work was made part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution, for Outstanding Achievement in Information Technology 14 years before Apple released Siri, and became the basis of the OnStar virtual assistant found in GM automobiles.

Bennett has been certified in ITIL, and as a Scrum Master and as a Scrum Product Manager, as well as being an experienced hands-on engineer and leader.

References are available on request. A preview can be found here.