Management Consulting for Software Companies

High transaction volume, big data, high availability SaaS systems have been a key theme in my experience leading software product development, across several startup and IPO-stage companies over the past many years. Prior experience also includes large, and on-premises companies.

BJB 010I am active in software architecture and design, but also strong in getting the inter-disciplinary team working well together. I have found Scrum a particularly good agile methodology for achieving this and am certified both as a Scrum Master and as a Product Owner, in addition to being certified in ITIL Foundations. Tooling aside, producing that synergy mostly has to do with getting business folks to understand what engineering can accomplish, and how to best communicate with them, and getting engineering to understand why it is important to accomplish what the business folks have identified, and how to be predictable in delivery.

References are available on request. A preview can be found here.

I have worked for companies successful in several business domains: consumer services, IT services, financial services, open source code management, data mining and analysis, secure remote networking, multi-level eCommerce, natural language speech recognition, computer-telephony integration, personal information management, and software to develop application-specific integrated circuits for the US satellite program.

While spanning these different industries I have worked with technologies from computation in fortran, to back end servers in Java, to the latest ajax web-based GUI’s. Results produced by my teams have met with numerous forms of recognition, including that work we did at General Magic was made part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution for Outstanding Achievement in Information Technology.

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